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Combed Cotton Sliver

Combed Cotton Sliver

Combed cotton sliver, also known as combed cotton roving, is a textile material produced during the manufacturing process of combed cotton. Combed cotton is a high-quality cotton fabric that undergoes an additional step called combing to remove short fibers and impurities, resulting in a smoother and more refined yarn.
Combed cotton sliver is created by combing the cotton fibers to align them in a parallel arrangement. The combing process removes the shorter fibers and impurities, leaving behind longer and more uniform fibers. The remaining fibers are then drawn and stretched to create a thin sliver of cotton with a consistent thickness.
Because of combed cotton removes the shorter fibers and impurities, resulting in a higher-quality cotton sliver. Meanwhile,the longer and more uniform fibers contribute to a smoother and more refined yarn, which in turn can lead to improved fabric quality, such as increased softness and strength.

Strict Quality Management System

Ruiyu is OEM Custom Combed Cotton Sliver Manufacturer and Combed Cotton Sliver Suppliers in China,has gained the ISO9001 quality management system certification and established a complete quality control procedure.

  • GOTS
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485

Jiangsu Ruiyu Hospital Co., Ltd. Is a large-scale enterprise, Custom Combed Cotton Sliver Factory, specializing in producing personal/beauty care products including cotton pads, cotton balls, cotton rolls, cotton tissues and etc. Our philosophy is high quality and great cost performance, assuring us to offer great products with precise technique and service.

*Medical Background: Been in the medical industry for decades and added personal care line under the British Pharmacopoeia standard. Within the GMP standard space of nearly 30,000㎡, we could produce nearly 10,000 tons of medical dressings and personal care products, ensuring our clients’ benefits.

*Quality Control: Strictly select high-quality natural cotton and have imported color sorting machinery on site to control the quality from the very beginning.

One-stop Service: Integrate raw material selection, product development, complete spunlace line and imported automatic machinery to assure the ability to offer both semi-finished and finished products.

*Quality Certificates: ISO13485, ISO9001, GOTS for organic cotton and Sedex certificated.

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